Wikipedia and some other large websites are “blacking out” Wednesday to protest legislation that would limit online freedom in an effort to protect copyright interests. (Learn more about that legislation in our guide to what journalists need to know about SOPA and PIPA.) Here’s how some of those protesting sites look this morning. || Related: How to access Wikipedia Wednesday (and other workarounds) | Wikipedia substitutes trend worldwide on Twitter

Google has blacked out its logo and links to an “End Piracy, Not Liberty” page that allows users to learn more and contact Congress.

The English version of Wikipedia has a new home page today, which explains why it is blacked out and links to an article about SOPA and PIPA. Wiki addicts can access the mobile version of the site. has made it easy to write or call Congress in protest, with information on its home page today.

Just after 8 a.m. eastern, Mozilla blacked out its homepage. The new message includes links to statements by Mozilla’s Chairwoman and CEO, along with a call to action.

Source: Twitter Post & @frc_webdesigns